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Regenics AS is a private Norwegian biotechnology company based in Oslo. The business concept is to develop and patent technologies and products for cosmetic and therapeutic wound healing applications.

Regenics’ innovations include products from bio-marine resources, such as salmon eggs. The product technology is a revolutionary approach to skin rejuvenation and repair, with power to improve skin appearance and wound healing by stimulating the skin’s own cells. The technologies utilize the nature's own ingredients to induce natural processes of skin by improving cell function, activity, and growth. These are mechanisms highly beneficial for both cosmetic and wound healing applications.

The technology was developed by one of Regenics’ co-founders, Professor Philippe Collas. Professor Collas is one of the most successful and prolific researchers in the area of stem cell research and he also serves as scientific adviser at Regenics. The outstanding scientific team and wide network of international collaborations with academic and industry leaders make Regenics capable of world-class research.

Regenics’ multifunctional cosmetic ingredient LEX™ is scientifically demonstrated to be one of the world’s best cosmetic ingredients; highly unique and efficient for age management and improvement of skin appearance. Our wound healing products are under development and are unique skin repair products. All products are developed by Regenics’ scientists.

Regenics follows a proactive research and patent filing strategy to protect its novel technology and to ensure that it has a clear intellectual property path for marketing the products. Three patents are filed, and securing Intellectual Property Rights is one of Regenics priorities. Regenics exploit research results by selling rights to use and/or produce products and technologies internationally through patent licensing.


June 2013:
Regenics is pleased to announce acceptance of publication of a new article describing clinical studies of a salmon egg extract.

June 2013: Regenics in media
An example of the industrial development of high-value ingredients from by-products of the fishing industry.
'Oceans of waste', Chemistry and Industry, vol.35, issue 3, pp 16-17. www.soci.org

December 2012:
Regenics filed new U.S. patent (CIP) for Use of cellular extract for skin rejuvenation. The patent covers the use of cellular extract on skin cells and the extracts effect on skin cells for increased cell migration and elastin production.

October 2012:
Regenics welcomes our new Research Scientist Dr. Hege Ugland

August 2012:
Regenics welcomes our new Production Manager Bruno Mainnemard

February 2012:
Regenics welcomes our new CSO Dr. Gry Lønne

Where to meet us:

26-28 June 2013, Saint Malo, France :
Palais du Grand Large

14-15 May 2013, Edison, New Jersey, US :
NYSCC Supplier's Day 2013
The New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center
Find us at stand # B10

16-18 April 2013, Paris, France :
In-Cosmetics 2013

20-22 February 2013, Tromsø, Norway :
BIOPROSP_13 conference on Marine Bioprospecting. Oral and poster presentations.

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