HTX™-based hydrogel wound spray
Wound healing
HTX from salmon roe • Hydrogel wound spray• Medical device class III
Vernex® is a hydrogel wound healing spray containing HTX™ salmon roe extract.
Vernex® is currently in the pre-clinical stage, with demonstrated significant benefits on wound healing rates.

Vernex® is tentatively designated as a Medical Device, class III. The company intends to market the device in the US, European and other large markets, subsequent to the launch of the company's Collex® advanced wound dressing.
Vernex® is a complete device in a "bag on valve" spray formula that is intended for use on partial-thickness burns and chronic wounds. The device is a stand-alone complement and alternative to the Collex® advanced wound dressing, allowing treatment of an even wider set of wounds.
A quick summary of Vernex®
Natural ingredients
An HTX™-based hydrogel wound spray.
HTX from salmon roe
Burns and chronic wounds
Collex® is an advanced wound dressing containing HTX™, designed to aid healing of partial thickness burns and chronic wounds.
WoundClear™ is a novel drug derived from trout LCE, intended for enzymatic wound debridement.

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